North Fin Tech – PLEASE GO AWAY!

I have received numerous nuisance calls from someone called ‘Joy W’ at North Fin Tech. I tried blocking the numbers but then she called back from other numbers, then from private numbers. She wont leave me alone. It’s really fucking me off. I repeatedly said I was not interested. I registered with the TPS a couple of weeks ago to try to stop this but the calls just keep coming. Yesterday (13.07.20) I kept hanging up the phone on her. She called about 6 times yesterday and so far twice today. I made it clear I considered the calls to be abuse. The angle was to accuse me of being offensive for not obliging. I then managed to get her to send an email so I can be sure I have their details right. The email identified them as: and was sent from

When I type into Google there is no actual website by that name. 

These people are persistent aggressive sellers. Its easy to imagine someone more vulnerable than myself being talked out of a lot of money. Beware!

There is a company called Fin Tech North. I have no idea if this is the same company or whether they just have a similar name. I tried to contact them at … but the email addresses on their website didn’t work and the emails bounced back with this error message … Annotation 2020-07-14 143848

Then I did a little more digging and guess what!? …

…and if you follow that link you get this:

Annotation 2020-07-15 083642

But even here we have to beware because this website says that if you register with them you may be able to claim your money back. Who knows? Maybe the anti-scam website is a clever scam itself!

Anyway I’m done with this now. Hopefully this post will encourage the good and discourage the bad. The moral of the story is – caution!

15.07.20 UPDATE.
She has called me another 4 times today!
OffCom complaint ref 946753
If this happens to you I recommend calling the Information Commissioner on 0303 123 1113.
This blog seems to be getting quite a few hits from Albania. could that be where the mysterious NorthFinTech are based?

21.07.20 Update
Today she called another 3 times from +39 0110 120 466

23.07.20 Update
Today she called another 2 times from a blocked number.



4 thoughts on “North Fin Tech – PLEASE GO AWAY!

  1. The same here.
    And they are using the legit company name of north finance Ltd in belfast to make you think they are legit. They also try to get you to install AnyDesk app or Teamviewer app to gain control of your pc if that fails they get you to register for an account on (
    Isabella was the young lady who called me and wont stop


    1. Update.
      I registered on the trade platform and it is really a scam as they send you a confirmation email that even has the password on it so they have access to your account and so your card details as no option to bank transfer.
      I got a call a couple of days later saying I had completed the deposit?? so I said oh shit better find out who is using my details? and hung up, and she called back and kept ringing so I turned my phone off she tried 15 times yesterday from
      0151 947 0522
      0151 947 0495
      +1 437-888-3343
      I will check my bank soon.


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