We Forgot.

Today is Remembrance Sunday. A day when, with great solemnity, our leaders lay wreaths at the Cenotaph and make speeches about how we will never forget the fallen. What did they fight for? Surely it was that we could govern ourselves democratically. If that is the case then it seems their sacrifice was for nothing.

Do we govern ourselves or are we dictated to? We voted to leave the EU but have not left. Therefore it is impossible to maintain that our membership of the EU is voluntary. External rule has been imposed on us against our will.
This is a clear violation of Article 1 of the UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which states:
All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.
Additionally both Labour and the Tories advocate ‘deals’ whereby the EU can impose laws, on which we have no vote or veto.

Ok, so we are not a free nation, but are we a democracy? No for these reasons:
1, How can we vote to leave, not leave, and call ourselves a democracy? The simple answer is we can’t.
2, Yes you can still vote, but having votes does not necessarily mean having democracy. (‘Demos’ meaning people, ‘cracy’ meaning rule). Tyrannies rarely ban voting altogether, Deng Xiaoping, Joseph Stalin, Saddam Hussein and Ayatollah Khomeini never did. Instead they simply restricted what people could vote about by taking substantive choices off the table. The EU replicates this approach. Our country is prohibited from writing laws regarding the movement of goods, services, labour or capital – under the Lisbon Treaty this is deemed to be ‘distorting the market’. So you are free to vote for whoever you want … on the understanding that they won’t pass laws re goods, services, labour or capital … which is pretty much everything.
3, Yes we can elect people to the European Parliament but…
– It is the (appointed) European Commission that generates EU laws, the (elected) Parliament is just an amending chamber. So the the people you vote for are subordinate to the appointees.
– Electing people to the EU is meaningless as the EU was specifically designed to insulate power from democracy, and to be impossible to reform.
– So what if we can elect representatives to the European Parliament? Since we voted to leave its authority over us has ceased to be legitimate anyway.
4, Our exit from the European Union is the most voted-for thing in British history…
– In 2013 David Cameron promised a simple in/out referendum and was rewarded with a working majority in 2015.
– Parliament quickly approved the Referendum Bill by 544 votes to 53.
– The British people then participated in the referendum in greater numbers than any other vote in our history (17,410,742 to 16,141,241).
– Following Gina Miller’s legal action the House of Commons voted to give the Government power to trigger Article 50 by 498 votes to 114.
…but since those votes, our exit has been cancelled THREE times! The EU has placed its stooges at the top of so many British institutions they have managed to form a democracy-proof elite, so influential that they have managed to prevent the most voted-for thing in our history from being enacted.

So remind me again, if external rule is imposed on us against our will and we are prohibited from democratically writing our laws … then why exactly did we fight the Second World War? To live in a country where a ruling elite can disregard votes that don’t suit it? A country where the people are treated with contempt by the very people supposed to represent them? A country where the Prime Minister grovels to foreign bureaucrats to extend of our membership of a body we VOTED to leave? The British political establishment has dishonoured the fallen.

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