Brex-terminate the Tories

If, before the vote, David Cameron says “this is your decision. The government will implement what you decide” but after the vote he doesn’t … then you’ve been lied to right?

… and if, before the vote, the Tories say they will implement the referendum result, but after the vote they say they wont … then you’ve been lied to right?

… and if, before the vote they say they will take us out of the Single Market and the Customs Union, but after the vote they say they wont … then you’ve been lied to right?

… and if before the vote, Theresa May says “no deal is better than a bad deal” but after the vote she says “a bad deal is better than no deal” … then you’ve been lied to right?

… and if Theresa May promises “We are leaving on March 29th 2019” and then decides to cancel it … then you’ve been lied to right?

… and if that’s a promise she made in public 108 times, that makes her a serial liar … right?

This is nothing new, Blair, Brown, Hague, Clegg and Cameron all made promises in opposition that they dishonored once safely in office, but our repeated indulgence of liars has led us to this point where a ruling elite are now openly waging war against democracy. If they succeed your democratic control over any issue pertaining to goods, services, labor or capital will cease altogether and nothing you vote for ever again will be implemented unless it is also approved by an unelected executive. If our rulers publicly and repeatedly say they will honour the biggest vote in our history but then do the opposite, they will know they can act with impunity, so why should they honour a future ‘People’s Vote‘? Or any other vote? This is the last call for democracy.

Think things would be OK with a Tory Brexiteer in charge? Think again. Boris, JRM, IDS, McVey, Raab, Fox, Mordaunt, Leadsom and Gove all spout Brexit mood music, but every one of them compliantly voted for May’s ‘deal’ which would have compelled the UK to indefinitely abide by laws we had no democratic power to change. Having been repeatedly lied to by Cameron and May, Brexiteers are done with politicians who say one thing but do another. Their only offer is endless re-negotiations of the non-negotiable. We can never prosper under the ‘leadership’ of people who cave in.

The Brighton Brexiteers do not endorse any particular alternative party. Sure we would like you to vote for one of the pro-Brexit parties but that’s secondary, the salient point is that the Tories could have delivered Brexit, they promised to deliver Brexit, but chose not to. They installed an EU puppet in Downing Street who presided over a relentless tax-payer-funded campaign of psychological abuse against her own electorate. When it became obvious she was a mendacious liar colluding with external powers to bring about our subjugation they gave her and her government votes of confidence and actually clapped her onto the stage at their crappy party conference. Three years after we declared independence they groveled to foreign bureaucrats for permission to stay longer – that’s how much they believe in us! The Tories own this national humiliation lock stock and barrel. How total would their failure have to be for you to vote against them? Only you can answer that question, but whatever the answer, we surely reached that point some time ago.

The Tories will now:
1, Change leader.
2, Say ‘mistakes were made‘
3, Say ‘Labour will mess things up‘.
If you buy that you are a sucker.

Would Labour mess things up? Probably, but ‘Labour would mess things up‘ is a conjectural statement, whereas ‘the Tories are destroying the nation‘ is an empirical observation – they are presiding over a coup d’etat right now.

Over the next few weeks we have an historic opportunity to destroy the Tory party. Crushing defeats in the local and Euro elections will propel them into the dustbin of history where they most assuredly belong, and if the DUP can be persuaded to trigger a general election there is every hope we can wipe them off the map in the next six months!

The Tories are the oldest political party in the world and have enjoyed a near-total monopoly of power for half a century. By finishing them Brexiteers can send a clear message to politicians everywhere that however established you are, however used you are to holding power, if you cross us then there is no way back.


10 thoughts on “Brex-terminate the Tories

  1. May pledged 108 times to deliver what we voted for, to leave the EU. She said on 17 January 2017, “the British people voted … to leave the European Union and embrace the world. And it is the job of this Government to deliver it. … I do not mean that we will seek some form of unlimited transitional status, in which we find ourselves stuck forever in some kind of permanent political purgatory.”
    She told the House of Commons on 20 March, “as Prime Minister, I am not prepared to delay Brexit any further than 30th June.” Now she has agreed to yet another delay – to 31 October. The EU wants to keep us in forever, so it has allowed us this extension.
    So now we will have to take part in the European Parliament election of 23-26 May. She previously admitted that taking part in these elections three years after we voted to leave would amount to ‘failure’.
    On 21 June, EU leaders will meet again to review our behaviour. Thanks to Mrs May, we are now sat on the EU’s naughty step, still trapped inside the EU. We were supposed to have left by now. We are in the permanent political purgatory she pledged to avoid,

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  2. Outstanding commentary. I have often felt the same. I will vote anything but LabLibCon. If it delivers a Corbyn government so be it. Everyone else will get the government they deserve.

    If the only thing recommending the Tories is that ‘At least we’re not Labour’ and people continue to vote for them, then more fool them. And they all deserve Corbyn. Same goes the other way to those who continue to vote Labour.

    Both parties have turned their backs on their traditional constituents. A plague on all their houses.

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  3. Thanks to May and her sycophants, we are in a limbo of biblical proportions. We need someone to break this search for personal gain and take us out of the European Union, whilst maintaining the friendship. In years to come, the Union will collapse, we are more secure out than in, as friends we can co-exist. As a part of a fracturing group, we will become enemies.

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  4. You need to go back further to the passage of the Referendum Act 2015 where Cameron told Parliament that the referendum was advisory, and just to inform the house in its debates. It was under this pretence that Cameron refused Parliament’s attempts to put safeguards, (as they had done with the 1979 Scottish Assembly Referendum Act) such as thresholds.

    Then once Cameron had got the Legislation through Parliament he turns around and says: “not only is it binding on the government it also extends the reach of the legislation to include the European Economic Community, Customs Area, The European Court of Human Rights (which is not an EU body), The Court of Justice of the European Union, Euratom (again only uses the CJEU), and anything else with the word European.”

    Cameron’s Government either lied to Parliament to get this through, or he lied to the public. Either way this is his mess.


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